About us

If you take in everything going on around you and your surroundings , in the news, on TV, your workplace and places you visit to wind down, I can guarantee that more or less any environment you're placed in, people are fighting challenges. Some people show this more than others, sometimes it’s those closest to us that you would never expect are suffering the most.


What people don’t realise is that sometimes the toughest challenges give the greatest reward.


Here at Propel, we aim to try and make a positive change.


We understand the importance of a positive mind-set and what can be achieved through visualisation, which led us to create this brand. Our goal is to try and show people that no matter what your situation or lifestyle, you can still grow and move forward.


Propel Apparel represents embracing this change. We want our clothing to remind people that every day, minute and second can give you a new opportunity to seize , a new focus to commit too.


Join us in trying to make small changes in everyday life, changes that will lead to greatness, changes that could shape your life in a completely new direction.


Visualise what you want, believe it can happen and achieve your goal.


Follow our journey, share our dream.

Propel Apparel